2D Animation short film by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena
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CEO Speak

The film was conceptualized, storyboarded and animated in 6 months. Many story ideas on ‘water & noise pollution, water wastage and smoking’ were considered before settling for this idea. Scheduled for completion by December 2009, just ahead of the entry deadlines for various award festivals, the making of “A Garden Dream” was a happy struggle as the team raced through the project, surpassing many obstacles with determination and grit.

For these young green horns of animation, the 6-month production period was interspersed with challenges and cake-walks that brought on the cries and smiles in equal measure with the end result proving to be a truly memorable and enjoyable one.


The character-colouring of the litter-happy kid was inspired by “Mr. Bean” – the cartoon replica of Hollywood’s famed ‘slapstick comedian’ Mr. Rowan Atkinson. It was decided to adopt this colour theme as it seemed perfect for the character which shares some naughty traits with Mr. Bean.

The styling too was “Mr. Bean-inspired” as the entire film uses retro-style character sketching with outlines and squarish features as opposed to the classic style with borderless and well-rounded features.

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