2D Animation short film by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena
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CEO Speak

A Garden Dream Creative Team

Aarti. R character designed 3 kids and animated the final segment of “A Garden Dream”. She also contributed significantly to the film during the ‘story discussions’.

She is currently pursuing her Diploma in Animation Engineering at Dilsukhnagar Arena since 2007 where she worked on this film. Aarti is a multi-talented artist with diverse interests in drawing, sketching, poetry and music. So intense is her passion for art that she always explores avenues to bring out and satisfy her creative potential. Not surprisingly, she never buys greeting cards be it a get-well or a birthday card. She prefers sketching and customizing them according to the receiver and adds her signature ‘care and warmth’ to every card she sends.

In her own words: “I feel privileged to be a part of this film. Such films can be made only in a highly educative, conducive and inspirational environment. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Mr. B. Raja Sekhar- CEO, Mr. Mahesh Gore-Creative Director and my extremely supportive Faculty at Diluskhnagar Arena. I strongly believe that the training initiatives, educational support systems and especially the brilliant faculty at Dilsukhnagar Arena are the best I’ve come across in my life.

Nilesh Mhaisne thought up the story for the film, designed the protagonist character, did the story boarding and animated the first part of the film.

He is currently pursuing his Diploma in Animation Engineering at Dilsukhnagar Arena since 2007 where he worked on this film. With an Arts background courtesy an ATD Diploma from Akela in Maharashtra where he achieved a prestigious state ranking of 6 in the Diploma Test, Nilesh has a firm command over painting especially with water colours. He is amongst the most creative and prolific student achievers at Dilsukhnagar Arena having won many internal awards including ‘The Arena Prodigi’ recently.

The production stage of the film was a particularly difficult period for Nilesh as his father was diagnosed with advanced cancer. In a dilemma, Nilesh rushed home for 2 weeks to be with his ailing father before he returned to join the team and complete the film. And when the film was announced as the winning entry at the FICCI awards, his father was no more. Ironically, joy and melancholy at once.

Tushar Sule designed three characters in the film and animated the second part of the film.

He has been pursuing his Diploma in Animation Engineering at Dilsukhnagar Arena since 2007 where he worked on this film. Tushar holds a Diploma in computers. A jovial boy who brought in the fun quotient during the making of the film, Tushar sees a niche for himself in the animation industry and dreams of joining a top animation studio.

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